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Virtual Tour
Take a virtual tour and view some photos taken from within our store.

Our Store Hours:
Monday: 10am to 6pm        Thursday: 10am to 7pm        Sunday: Closed
Tuesday: 10am to 6pm        Friday: 10am to 4pm       
Wednesday: 10am to 6pm        Saturday: 10am to 3pm       

New Upstairs!
Take reading to a new level... join us on our newly renovated 2nd floor.
  • Now offering interesting and informative lectures
  • Browse our expanded selections of novels
  • Enjoy reading & conversation...

Our Policy
We sell used books! All of our used books are sold at 1/2 off the cover price. So come in today and enjoy our friendly and cozy atmosphere, we currently have over 30,000 books in stock. 
We accept "trade-ins"! Bring in a book to trade and it is good for 25%, of the cover price of the trade-in, in credit towards your next purchase. 
We also sell new books at 20% off of the cover price. However, they have to be ordered from the distributor and generally take 2 business days to arrive in our store. All shipping and handling is free of charge. 
For special keepsake books that need repaired, we provide a rebinding and refurbishing service. 
Additionally, we can provide an out-of print book search for books that we do not have in stock and are hard to find.

Novelty Items
Book Marks Note Cards Book Lights
Coffee mugs Tee Shirts  
Children's CDs Paperback book covers  
Book Categories

  Audio Books
  Science Fiction
  True Crime
  New Age
  Young Adult

We also carry Multimedia!

  Audio Books

Children are

  We have an in-store play area as well as children's books.

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To contact us please send an email to Nancy Kelmeckis our proprietor. Website last updated: 12/08/03.